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Seat Cushions 5 Years

A Cushion Is A Soft Bag Of Some Ornamental Material, Usually Stuffed With Wool, Hair, Feathers, Polyester Staple Fiber, Non-Woven Material, Or Even Paper Torn Into Fragments. It May Be Used For Sitting Or Kneeling Upon, Or To Soften The Hardness Or Angularity Of A Chair Or Couch. Decorative Cushions Often Have A Patterned Cover Material, And Are Used As Decoration For Furniture. A Cushion Is Also Referred To As A Bolster, Hassock, Headrest, A Tush, And A Sham.Cushions And Rugs Can Be Used Temporarily Outside To Soften A Hard Ground. They Can Be Placed On Sunloungers And Used To Prevent Annoyances From Moist Grass And Biting Insects. Some Dialects Of English Use This Word To Refer To Throw Pillows As Well. The Cushion Is A Very Ancient Article Of Furniture; The Inventories Of The Contents Of Palaces And Great Houses In The Early Middle Ages Constantly Made Mention Of Them. Cushions Were Then Often Of Great Size, Covered With Leather, And Firm Enough To Serve As A Seat, But The Steady Tendency Of All Furniture Has Been To Grow Smaller With Time. Today, The Cushion Is Considered An Upholstery Item.

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Stellar 5 Years

Stellar, Or Stellar Lumens, Is An Open Source, Decentralized Protocol For Digital Currency To Fiat Money Transfers Which Allows Cross-Border Transactions Between Any Pair Of Currencies.

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Cat Grooming 5 Years

Cat Communication Is The Transfer Of Information By One Or More Cats That Has An Effect On The Current Or Future Behaviour Of Another Animal, Including Humans. Cats Use A Range Of Communication Modalities Including Vocal, Visual, Tactile And Olfactory. The Communication Modalities Used By Domestic Cats Have Been Affected By Domestication.

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Kettlebells 5 Years

The Kettlebell Is A Cast Iron Or Cast Steel Ball With A Handle Attached To The Top (Resembling A Cannonball With A Handle). It Is Used To Perform Many Types Of Exercises, Including Ballistic Exercises That Combine Cardiovascular, Strength And Flexibility Training. They Are Also The Primary Equipment Used In The Weight Lifting Sport Of Kettlebell Lifting.

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Caferacer 5 Years

A Café Racer Is A Lightweight, Powerful Motorcycle Optimized For Speed And Handling Rather Than Comfort – And For Quick Rides Over Short Distances. With Bodywork And Control Layout Recalling Early-1960s Grand Prix Road Racing Motorcycles, Café Racers Are Noted For Their Visual Minimalism, Featuring Low-Mounted Handlebars, Prominent Seat Cowling And Elongated Fuel Tank – And Frequently Knee-Grips Indented In The Fuel Tank.

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Forex 5 Years

The Foreign Exchange Market Is A Global Decentralized Or Over-The-Counter Market For The Trading Of Currencies. This Market Determines Foreign Exchange Rates For Every Currency. It Includes All Aspects Of Buying, Selling And Exchanging Currencies At Current Or Determined Prices.

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Heloc 5 Years

A Home Equity Line Of Credit, Or Heloc, Is A Loan In Which The Lender Agrees To Lend A Maximum Amount Within An Agreed Period, Where The Collateral Is The Borrower's Equity In Their House.

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Yeti 5 Years

In Himalayan Folklore, The Yeti () Is A Monstrous Creature. The Entity Would Later Come To Be Referred To As The Abominable Snowman In Western Popular Culture. The Names Yeti And Meh-Teh Are Commonly Used By The People Indigenous To The Region, And Are Part Of Their Folk Beliefs. Stories Of The Yeti First Emerged As A Facet Of Western Popular Culture In The 19th Century. The Scientific Community Has Generally Regarded The Yeti As The Result Of A Complex Of Intricate Folk Beliefs Rather Than A Large, Ape-Like Creature.

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Traction Capital 5 Years

The Capital Traction Company Was The Smaller Of The Two Major Street Railway Companies In Washington, D.C., In The Early 20th Century. It Was Formed Through A Merger Of The Rock Creek Railway And The Washington And Georgetown Railroad Company In 1895. The Company Ran Streetcars From Georgetown; Capitol Hill; Chevy Chase, Md; The Armory And Mt. Pleasant. In 1933 It Merged With Its Major Competitor The Washington Railway And Electric Company To Form The Capital Transit Company.

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Homecourt 5 Years

Homécourt Is A Commune In The Meurthe-Et-Moselle Department In North-Eastern France.

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Adversarial Machine Learning 5 Years

Adversarial Machine Learning Is A Machine Learning Technique That Attempts To Fool Models By Supplying Deceptive Input. The Most Common Reason Is To Cause A Malfunction In A Machine Learning Model. Most Machine Learning Techniques Were Designed To Work On Specific Problem Sets In Which The Training And Test Data Are Generated From The Same Statistical Distribution (Iid). When Those Models Are Applied To The Real World, Adversaries May Supply Data That Violates That Statistical Assumption. This Data May Be Arranged To Exploit Specific Vulnerabilities And Compromise The Results.

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Smartsheets 5 Years

Smartsheet Is A Software As A Service Offering For Collaboration And Work Management, Developed And Marketed By Smartsheet Inc. It Is Used To Assign Tasks, Track Project Progress, Manage Calendars, Share Documents, And Manage Other Work, Using A Tabular User Interface.

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