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Box Braids Men 5 Years

Box Braids Are A Type Of Hair-Braiding Style That Is Predominantly Popular Amongst Black People (People Of African Descent). This Type Of Hairstyle Is Best Described As "Protective Style" (A Style Which Can Be Worn For A Long Period Of Time To Let The Hair Grow) And Is “Boxy”, Consisting Of Square-Shaped Hair Divisions. Box Braids Are Generally Installed By Using Synthetic Hair Which Helps To Add Thickness As Well As Helping The Natural Hair That Is In The Braid. Because They Are Not Attached To The Scalp Like Other Similar Styles Such As Cornrows, Box Braids Can Be Styled In A Number Of Different Ways. The Installation Process Of Box Braids Can Be Lengthy, But Once Installed They Can Last For 6–8 Weeks. They Are Known For Being Easy To Maintain.

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Touchscreen Gloves 5 Years

A Touchscreen, Or Touch Screen, Is Both An Input And Output Device And Normally Layered On The Top Of An Electronic Visual Display Of An Information Processing System. The Display Is Often An Lcd Or Oled Display While The System Is Usually A Laptop, Tablet, Or Smartphone. A User Can Give Input Or Control The Information Processing System Through Simple Or Multi-Touch Gestures By Touching The Screen With A Special Stylus Or One Or More Fingers. Some Touchscreens Use Ordinary Or Specially Coated Gloves To Work While Others May Only Work Using A Special Stylus Or Pen. The User Can Use The Touchscreen To React To What Is Displayed And, If The Software Allows, To Control How It Is Displayed; For Example, Zooming To Increase The Text Size. The Touchscreen Enables The User To Interact Directly With What Is Displayed, Rather Than Using A Mouse, Touchpad, Or Other Such Devices (Other Than A Stylus, Which Is Optional For Most Modern Touchscreens).Touchscreens Are Common In Devices Such As Game Consoles, Personal Computers, Electronic Voting Machines, And Point-Of-Sale (Pos) Systems. They Can Also Be Attached To Computers Or, As Terminals, To Networks. They Play A Prominent Role In The Design

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Orange Hair 5 Years

Red Hair (Or Ginger Hair) Occurs Naturally In One To Two Percent Of The Human Population, Appearing With Greater Frequency (Two To Six Percent) Among People Of Northern Or Northwestern European Ancestry And Lesser Frequency In Other Populations. It Is Most Common In Individuals Homozygous For A Recessive Allele On Chromosome 16 That Produces An Altered Version Of The Mc1r Protein.Red Hair Varies In Hue From A Deep Burgundy Or Bright Copper, Or Auburn, To Burnt Orange Or Red-Orange To Strawberry Blond. Characterized By High Levels Of The Reddish Pigment Pheomelanin And Relatively Low Levels Of The Dark Pigment Eumelanin, It Is Associated With Fair Skin Color, Lighter Eye Color, Freckles, And Sensitivity To Ultraviolet Light.Cultural Reactions To Red Hair Have Varied From Ridicule To Admiration With Many Common Stereotypes In Existence Regarding Redheads. The Term Redhead Has Been In Use Since At Least 1510.

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Electric Bicycle 5 Years

An Electric Bicycle Also Known As An E-Bike Or Ebike Is A Bicycle With An Integrated Electric Motor Which Can Be Used To Assist Propulsion. Many Kinds Of E-Bikes Are Available Worldwide, But Generally Fall Into Two Broad Categories. Bikes That Assist The Rider's Pedal-Power (I.E. Pedelecs) And Bikes That Add A Throttle, Integrating Moped-Style Functionality. Both Retain The Ability To Be Pedaled By The Rider And Are Therefore Not Electric Motorcycles. E-Bikes Use Rechargeable Batteries And Typically Travel Up To 25 To 32 Km/H (16 To 20 Mph). High-Powered Varieties Can Often Travel More Than 45 Km/H (28 Mph). In Some Markets, Such As Germany As Of 2013, They Are Gaining In Popularity And Taking Some Market Share Away From Conventional Bicycles, While In Others, Such As China As Of 2010, They Are Replacing Fossil Fuel-Powered Mopeds And Small Motorcycles.E-Bikes Function Like Hybrid Electric Vehicles Since The Electric Motor Combines Battery Propulsion With Another Source Of Electricity But This Time By Pedal Power Instead Of Internal Combustion Engine Power So In Some Cases The Terms Used Would Be Hybrid Electric Bicycle Or Hybrid Pedal-Electric Bicycle Depending On Local Laws, Man

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Cargurus 5 Years

Cargurus Is A Cambridge, Massachusetts-Based Automotive Research And Shopping Website That Assists Users In Comparing Local Listings For Used And New Cars, And Contacting Sellers.

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Wireless Phone Chargers 5 Years

A Battery Charger, Or Recharger, Is A Device Used To Put Energy Into A Secondary Cell Or Rechargeable Battery By Forcing An Electric Current Through It. The Charging Protocol (How Much Voltage Or Current For How Long, And What To Do When Charging Is Complete, For Instance) Depends On The Size And Type Of The Battery Being Charged. Some Battery Types Have High Tolerance For Overcharging (I.E., Continued Charging After The Battery Has Been Fully Charged) And Can Be Recharged By Connection To A Constant Voltage Source Or A Constant Current Source, Depending On Battery Type. Simple Chargers Of This Type Must Be Manually Disconnected At The End Of The Charge Cycle, And Some Battery Types Absolutely Require, Or May Use A Timer, To Cut Off Charging Current At Some Fixed Time, Approximately When Charging Is Complete. Other Battery Types Cannot Withstand Over-Charging, Being Damaged (Reduced Capacity, Reduced Lifetime), Over Heating Or Even Exploding. The Charger May Have Temperature Or Voltage Sensing Circuits And A Microprocessor Controller To Safely Adjust The Charging Current And Voltage, Determine The State Of Charge, And Cut Off At The End Of Charge. A Trickle Charger Provides A Rela

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Basecamp 5 Years

Basecamp Is An American Web Software Company Based In Chicago, Illinois. The Firm Was Co‑Founded In 1999 By Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, And Ernest Kim As A Web Design Company Called 37signals.Since Mid‑2004, The Company's Focus Has Shifted From Web Design To Web Application Development. Its First Commercial Application Was Basecamp, Followed By Backpack, Campfire, And Highrise. The Open Source Web Application Framework Ruby On Rails Was Initially Created For Internal Use At 37signals, Before Being Publicly Released In 2004.In February 2014, The Company Adopted A New Strategy, Focusing Entirely On Its Flagship Product, The Software Package Also Named Basecamp, And Renaming The Company From 37signals To Basecamp. Jason Fried And David Heinemeier Hansson Have Published Several Books Under The 37signals Name.

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Revue 5 Years

A Revue Is A Type Of Multi-Act Popular Theatrical Entertainment That Combines Music, Dance, And Sketches. The Revue Has Its Roots In 19th Century Popular Entertainment And Melodrama But Grew Into A Substantial Cultural Presence Of Its Own During Its Golden Years From 1916 To 1932. Though Most Famous For Their Visual Spectacle, Revues Frequently Satirized Contemporary Figures, News Or Literature. Similar To The Related Subforms Of Operetta And Musical Theatre, The Revue Art Form Brings Together Music, Dance And Sketches To Create A Compelling Show. In Contrast To These, However, Revue Does Not Have An Overarching Storyline. Rather, A General Theme Serves As The Motto For A Loosely-Related Series Of Acts That Alternate Between Solo Performances And Dance Ensembles. Due To High Ticket Prices, Ribald Publicity Campaigns And The Occasional Use Of Prurient Material, The Revue Was Typically Patronized By Audience Members Who Earned More And Felt Even Less Restricted By Middle-Class Social Mores Than Their Contemporaries In Vaudeville. Like Much Of That Era's Popular Entertainments, Revues Often Featured Material Based On Sophisticated, Irreverent Dissections Of Topical Matter, Public Pers

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Garage Door Insulation 5 Years

A Garage Door Is A Large Door On A Garage That Opens Either Manually Or By An Electric Motor (A Garage Door Opener). Garage Doors Are Frequently Large Enough To Accommodate Automobiles And Other Vehicles. Small Garage Doors May Be Made In A Single Panel That Tilts Up And Back Across The Garage Ceiling. Larger Doors Are Usually Made In Several Jointed Panels That Roll Up On Tracks Across The Garage Ceiling, Or Into A Roll Above The Doorway. The Operating Mechanism Is Spring-Loaded Or Counterbalanced To Offset The Weight Of The Door And Reduce Human Or Motor Effort Required To Operate The Door. Less Commonly, Some Garage Doors Slide Or Swing Horizontally. Doors Are Made Of Wood, Metal, Or Fiberglass, And May Be Insulated To Prevent Heat Loss. Warehouses, Bus Garages And Locomotive Sheds Have Larger Versions.

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Broom And Mop Rack 5 Years


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Launchpass 5 Years

Yahoo! Music Radio (Formerly Known As Launchcast) Was An Internet Radio Service Offered By Clear Channel Communications' Iheartradio Through Yahoo! Music. The Service, Formerly Offered By Launch Media, And Originally Developed By Todd Beaupré And Jeff Boulter, Debuted On November 11, 1999, And Was Purchased By Yahoo! On June 28, 2001. Previously, Launchcast Combined With Cbs Radio Beginning In 2009, Then Iheartradio In 2012. The Service Closed In 2013 Or 2014.

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Modern Farmhouse 5 Years

A Farmhouse Is A Building That Serves As The Primary Residence In A Rural Or Agricultural Setting. Historically, Farmhouses Were Often Combined With Space For Animals Called A Housebarn. Other Farmhouses May Be Connected To One Or More Barns, Built To Form A Courtyard, Or With Each Farm Building Separate From Each Other.

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