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Long Sleeve Crop Top 5 Years

A Crop Top (Also Half Shirt, Midriff Top Or Cutoff Shirt) Is A Top That Exposes The Waist, Navel, Or Abdomen.

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  • 7.2%
  • 22.2K
  • 54
Bee Pollen 5 Years

Bee Pollen Is A Ball Or Pellet Of Field-Gathered Flower Pollen Packed By Worker Honeybees, And Used As The Primary Food Source For The Hive. It Consists Of Simple Sugars, Protein, Minerals And Vitamins, Fatty Acids, And A Small Percentage Of Other Components. Also Called Bee Bread, Or Ambrosia, It Is Stored In Brood Cells, Mixed With Saliva, And Sealed With A Drop Of Honey. Bee Pollen Is Harvested As Food For Humans And Marketed As Having Various, But Yet Unproven, Health Benefits.

  • Plateau
  • -1.7%
  • 27.1K
  • 3
Sugar 5 Years

Sugar Is The Generic Name For Sweet-Tasting, Soluble Carbohydrates, Many Of Which Are Used In Food. Table Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Or Regular Sugar, Refers To Sucrose, A Disaccharide Composed Of Glucose And Fructose. Simple Sugars, Also Called Monosaccharides, Include Glucose, Fructose, And Galactose.

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Cake Trends 2018 5 Years


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Adidas 5 Years

Adidas Ag Is A German Multinational Corporation, Founded And Headquartered In Herzogenaurach, Germany, That Designs And Manufactures Shoes, Clothing And Accessories. It Is The Largest Sportswear Manufacturer In Europe, And The Second Largest In The World, After Nike.

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  • 3.35M
  • 13
Athleisure 5 Years

Athleisure, A Type Of Hybrid Clothing, Is A Fabricated Style Of Clothing Typically Worn During Athletic Activities And In Other Settings, Such As At The Workplace, At School, Or At Other Casual Or Social Occasions.

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  • 15.0%
  • 33.1K
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Seamless Clothes 5 Years

Clothing In Ancient Greece Primarily Consisted Of The Chiton, Peplos, Himation, And Chlamys. Ancient Greek Civilians Typically Wore Two Pieces Of Clothing Draped About The Body: An Undergarment (Χιτών : Chitōn Or Πέπλος : Péplos) And A Cloak (Ἱμάτιον : Himátion Or Χλαμύς : Chlamýs).Ancient Greek Clothing Was Mainly Based On Necessity, Function, Materials, And Protection Rather Than Identity. Thus, Clothes Were Quite Simple, Draped, Loose-Fitting And Free Flowing. Customarily, Clothing Was Homemade And Cut To Various Lengths Of Rectangular Linen Or Wool Fabric With Minimal Cutting Or Sewing, And Secured With Ornamental Clasps Or Pins, And A Belt, Or Girdle (Ζώνη : Zōnē). Pieces Were Generally Interchangeable Between Men And Women. However, Women Usually Wore Their Robes To Their Ankles While Men Generally Wore Theirs To Their Knees Depending On The Occasion And Circumstance. While No Clothes Have Survived From This Period, Descriptions Exist In Contemporary Accounts And Artistic Depictions. Clothes Were Mainly Homemade Or Locally Made. Additionally, Clothing Often Served Many Purposes (Such As Bedding). All Ancient Greek Clothing Was Made Out Of Natural Fibers. Linen Was The Most C

  • Plateau
  • 7.2%
  • 390
  • 30
High Alpha 5 Years

The High Alpha Research Vehicle Was An American Modified Mcdonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Used By Nasa In A Three-Phase Program Investigating Controlled Flight At High Alpha (Angle Of Attack) Using Thrust Vectoring, Modifications To The Flight Controls, And With Actuated Forebody Strakes. The Program Lasted From April 1987 To September 1996.Nasa Reported That In One Phase Of The Project, Armstrong Flight Research Center "Research Pilots William H. "Bill" Dana And Ed Schneider Completed The Envelope Expansion Flights In February 1992. Demonstrated Capabilities Included Stable Flight At Approximately 70 Degrees Angle Of Attack (Previous Maximum Was 55 Degrees) And Rolling At High Rates At 65 Degrees Angle Of Attack. Controlled Rolling Would Have Been Nearly Impossible Above 35 Degrees Without Vectoring." Performance Figures Were Not Listed For Other Phases. The Aircraft Is Now On Display At The Virginia Air And Space Center In Hampton, Virginia.

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  • 1.9K
  • 8
Hubspot 5 Years

Hubspot Is An American Developer And Marketer Of Software Products For Inbound Marketing, Sales, And Customer Service. Hubspot Was Founded By Brian Halligan And Dharmesh Shah In 2006.

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  • 4.6%
  • 246K
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Clubhouse Audio 5 Years


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Ceramic Coating 5 Years


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  • 8.4%
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Groove Ring 5 Years

A Circlip (A Portmanteau Of "Circle" And "Clip"), Also Known As A C-Clip, Rotor Clip, Snap Ring Or Jesus Clip, Is A Type Of Fastener Or Retaining Ring Consisting Of A Semi-Flexible Metal Ring With Open Ends Which Can Be Snapped Into Place, Into A Machined Groove On A Dowel Pin Or Other Part To Permit Rotation But To Prevent Lateral Movement. There Are Two Basic Types: Internal And External, Referring To Whether They Are Fitted Into A Bore Or Over A Shaft. Circlips Are Often Used To Secure Pinned Connections.

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  • 4.9%
  • 90.5K
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