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Monzo Bank Ltd, Is An Online Bank Based In The United Kingdom. Monzo Was One Of The Earliest Of A Number Of New App-Based Challenger Banks In The Uk. Wikipedia

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Sportswear Or Activewear Is Clothing, Including Footwear, Worn For Sport Or Physical Exercise. Sport-Specific Clothing Is Worn For Most Sports And Physical Exercise, For Practical, Comfort Or Safety Reasons. Typical Sport-Specific Garments Include Tracksuits, Shorts, T-Shirts And Polo Shirts. Specialized Garments Include Swimsuits (For Swimming), Wet Suits (For Diving Or Surfing), Ski Suits (For Skiing) And Leotards (For Gymnastics). Sports Footwear Include Trainers, Football Boots, Riding Boots, And Ice Skates. Sportswear Also Includes Bikini And Some Crop Tops And Undergarments, Such As The Jockstrap And Sports Bra. Sportswear Is Also At Times Worn As Casual Fashion Clothing. For Most Sports The Athletes Wear A Combination Of Different Items Of Clothing, E.G. Sport Shoes, Pants And Shirts. In Some Sports, Protective Gear May Need To Be Worn, Such As Helmets Or American Football Body Armour. Sports Fabrics Are Technical Materials Which Help To Keep The Wearer Comfortable During Exercise. The Type Of Fabric Required Will Depend Upon The Intensity Of The Exercise And The Activity. Yoga Clothing Should Use Fabrics With Exceptional Stretch Ability For Easy Movement Which Will Likely R

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Affirm Is A Privately Held Financial Technology Company Headquartered In San Francisco, United States. Founded In 2012, The Company Operates As A Financial Lender Of Installment Loans For Consumers To Use At The Point Of Sale To Finance A Purchase. Wikipedia

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"Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann" Is A 1984 Song By Nena Which Was A Commercial Success In Europe. Released Initially As Single, It's Been Also Included On Nena's 1985 Album Feuer Und Flamme. Due To The Success, Many Cover Versions Of This Song Appeared, Including Samples As Well As Other Languages. "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime" Is An English-Language Variant Of The Song. In Its Various Incarnations It Has Been Nena's Second Most Successful Song Of All-Time Behind Only "99 Luftballons". Both Songs Were Written By Nena Band Members Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen And Carlo Karges And Between Them Have Had In The 21st Century A Near Duopoly Of Being The Final Rock Song That Nena Plays At The End Of Her Live Concerts.

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Protein Powder

Bodybuilding Supplements Are Dietary Supplements Commonly Used By Those Involved In Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Mixed Martial Arts, And Athletics For The Purpose Of Facilitating An Increase In Lean Body Mass. The Intent Is To Increase Muscle, Increase Body Weight, Improve Athletic Performance, And For Some Sports, To Simultaneously Decrease Percent Body Fat So As To Create Better Muscle Definition. Among The Most Widely Used Are High Protein Drinks, Branched-Chain Amino Acids (Bcaa), Glutamine, Arginine, Essential Fatty Acids, Creatine, Hmb, Whey Protein, Zma And Weight Loss Products. Supplements Are Sold Either As Single Ingredient Preparations Or In The Form Of "Stacks" – Proprietary Blends Of Various Supplements Marketed As Offering Synergistic Advantages. While Many Bodybuilding Supplements Are Also Consumed By The General Public The Frequency Of Use Will Differ When Used Specifically By Bodybuilders. One Meta-Analysis Concluded That – For Athletes Participating In Resistance Exercise Training And Consuming Protein Supplements For An Average Of 13 Weeks – Total Protein Intake Up To 1.6 G/Kg Of Body Weight Per Day Would Result In An Increase In Strength And Fat-Free Mass, But T

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Blank Check Companies

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (Spac), Is A “Blank Check” Shell Corporation Designed To Take Companies Public Without Going Through The Traditional Ipo Process. Spacs Allow Retail Investors To Invest In Private Equity Type Transactions, Particularly Leveraged Buyouts. According To The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (Sec), "A Spac Is Created Specifically To Pool Funds In Order To Finance A Merger Or Acquisition Opportunity Within A Set Timeframe. The Opportunity Usually Has Yet To Be Identified."

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A Dispensary Is An Office In A School, Hospital, Industrial Plant, Or Other Organization That Dispenses Medications, Medical Supplies, And In Some Cases Even Medical And Dental Treatment. In A Traditional Dispensary Set-Up, A Pharmacist Dispenses Medication As Per Prescription Or Order Form. The English Term Originated From The Medieval Latin Noun Dispensaria And Is Cognate With The Latin Verb Dispensare, "To Distribute".The Term Also Refers To Legal Cannabis Dispensaries. The Term Also Has Victorian Antiquity, In 1862 The Term Dispensary Was Used In The Folk Song The Blaydon Races. The Folk Song Differentiated The Term Dispensary From A Doctors Surgery And An Infirmary. The Advent Of Huge Industrial Plants In The Late 19th And Early 20th Centuries, Such As Large Steel Mills, Created A Demand For In-House First Responder Services, Including Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, And Even Primary Care That Were Closer To The Point Of Need, Under Closer Company Control, And In Many Cases Better Capitalized Than Any Services That The Surrounding Town Could Provide. In Such Contexts, Company Doctors And Nurses Were Regularly On Duty Or On Call. Electronic Dispensaries Are Designed

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X Box X

Introducing Xbox Series X, The Fastest, Most Powerful Xbox Ever. Play Thousands Of Titles From Four Generations Of Consoles—All Games Look And Play Best On Xbox Series X. At The Heart Of Series X Is The Xbox Velocity Architecture, Which Pairs A Custom Ssd With Integrated Software For Faster, Streamlined Gameplay With Significantly Reduced Load Times. Seamlessly Move Between Multiple Games In A Flash With Quick Resume. Explore Rich New Worlds And Enjoy The Action Like Never Before With The Unmatched 12 Teraflops Of Raw Graphic Processing Power. Enjoy 4k Gaming At Up To 120 Frames Per Second, Advanced 3d Spatial Sound, And More. Get Started With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Which Includes A Library Of 100+ High-Quality Games, An Ea Play Membership, Online Multiplayer, And All New Xbox Game Studios Titles The Day They Launch Like Halo Infinite (Membership Sold Separately). Important Information: 4k At 120 Fps: Requires Supported Content And Display. Use On Xbox Series X As Content Becomes Available. 8k: Requires Supported Content And Display. Use On Xbox Series X As Content Becomes Available. Xbox Game Pass: Membership Sold Separately. Game Catalog Varies Over Time And By Region. 120 Fps: Requires Supported Content And Display; Use On Xbox Series X And S As Content Becomes Available. 4k Streaming: With Select Apps. Some Apps Require App Provider-Specific Subscriptions And/Or Other Requirements.… More

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Devil's Ivy

Epipremnum Aureum Is A Species Of Flowering Plant In The Arum Family Araceae, Native To Mo'orea In The Society Islands Of French Polynesia. Wikipedia

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Podcast Microphone

A Podcast Is An Episodic Series Of Spoken Word Digital Audio Files That A User Can Download To A Personal Device For Easy Listening. Streaming Applications And Podcasting Services Provide A Convenient And Integrated Way To Manage A Personal Consumption Queue Across Many Podcast Sources And Playback Devices. A Podcast Series Usually Features One Or More Recurring Hosts Engaged In A Discussion About A Particular Topic Or Current Event. Discussion And Content Within A Podcast Can Range From Carefully Scripted To Completely Improvised. Podcasts Combine Elaborate And Artistic Sound Production With Thematic Concerns Ranging From Scientific Research To Slice-Of-Life Journalism. Many Podcast Series Provide An Associated Website With Links And Show Notes, Guest Biographies, Transcripts, Additional Resources, Commentary, And Even A Community Forum Dedicated To Discussing The Show's Content. The Cost To The Consumer Is Low. While Many Podcasts Are Free To Download, Some Are Underwritten By Corporations Or Sponsored, With The Inclusion Of Commercial Advertisements. In Other Cases, A Podcast Could Also Be A Business Venture Supported By Some Combination Of A Paid Subscription Model, Advertising

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A Backpack—Also Called Knapsack, Rucksack, Rucksac, Pack, Sackpack, Booksack, Bookbag Or Backsack—Is, In Its Simplest Frameless Form, A Cloth Sack Carried On One's Back And Secured With Two Straps That Go Over The Shoulders, But It Can Have An External Frame, Internal Frame, And There Are Bodypacks. Backpacks Are Commonly Used By Hikers And Students, And Are Often Preferred To Handbags For Carrying Heavy Loads Or Carrying Any Sort Of Equipment, Because Of The Limited Capacity To Carry Heavy Weights For Long Periods Of Time In The Hands. Large Backpacks, Used To Carry Loads Over 10 Kilograms (22 Lb), As Well As Smaller Sports Backpacks (E.G. Running, Cycling, Hiking And Hydration), Usually Offload The Largest Part (Up To About 90%) Of Their Weight Onto Padded Hip Belts, Leaving The Shoulder Straps Mainly For Stabilising The Load. This Improves The Potential To Carry Heavy Loads, As The Hips Are Stronger Than The Shoulders, And Also Increases Agility And Balance, Since The Load Rides Nearer The Wearer's Own Center Of Mass.

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