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Adidas 5 Years

Adidas Ag Is A German Multinational Corporation, Founded And Headquartered In Herzogenaurach, Germany, That Designs And Manufactures Shoes, Clothing And Accessories. It Is The Largest Sportswear Manufacturer In Europe, And The Second Largest In The World, After Nike.

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High Alpha 5 Years

The High Alpha Research Vehicle Was An American Modified Mcdonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Used By Nasa In A Three-Phase Program Investigating Controlled Flight At High Alpha (Angle Of Attack) Using Thrust Vectoring, Modifications To The Flight Controls, And With Actuated Forebody Strakes. The Program Lasted From April 1987 To September 1996.Nasa Reported That In One Phase Of The Project, Armstrong Flight Research Center "Research Pilots William H. "Bill" Dana And Ed Schneider Completed The Envelope Expansion Flights In February 1992. Demonstrated Capabilities Included Stable Flight At Approximately 70 Degrees Angle Of Attack (Previous Maximum Was 55 Degrees) And Rolling At High Rates At 65 Degrees Angle Of Attack. Controlled Rolling Would Have Been Nearly Impossible Above 35 Degrees Without Vectoring." Performance Figures Were Not Listed For Other Phases. The Aircraft Is Now On Display At The Virginia Air And Space Center In Hampton, Virginia.

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Exercise Bike 5 Years

A Stationary Bicycle (Also Known As Exercise Bicycle, Exercise Bike, Spinning Bike, Or Exercycle) Is A Device Used As Exercise Equipment For Indoor Cycling. It Includes A Saddle, Pedals, And Some Form Of Handlebars Arranged As On A (Stationary) Bicycle. A Stationary Bicycle Is Usually A Special-Purpose Exercise Machine Resembling A Bicycle Without Wheels. It Is Also Possible To Adapt An Ordinary Bicycle For Stationary Exercise By Placing It On Bicycle Rollers Or A Trainer. Rollers And Trainers Are Often Used By Racing Cyclists To Warm Up Before Racing, Or To Train On Their Own Machines Indoors.

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Popcom 5 Years

Popcorn (Popped Corn, Popcorns Or Pop-Corn) Is A Variety Of Corn Kernel Which Expands And Puffs Up When Heated; The Same Names Are Also Used To Refer To The Foodstuff Produced By The Expansion. A Popcorn Kernel's Strong Hull Contains The Seed's Hard, Starchy Shell Endosperm With 14–20% Moisture, Which Turns To Steam As The Kernel Is Heated. Pressure From The Steam Continues To Build Until The Hull Ruptures, Allowing The Kernel To Forcefully Expand, From 20 To 50 Times Its Original Size, And Then Cool.Some Strains Of Corn (Taxonomized As Zea Mays) Are Cultivated Specifically As Popping Corns. The Zea Mays Variety Everta, A Special Kind Of Flint Corn, Is The Most Common Of These. Popcorn Is One Of The Six Major Types Of Corn, Which Includes Dent Corn, Flint Corn, Pod Corn, Flour Corn, And Sweet Corn.

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Snow Goose 5 Years

The Snow Goose Is A Species Of Goose Native To North America. Both White And Dark Morphs Exist, The Latter Often Known As Blue Goose. Its Name Derives From The Typically White Plumage. The Species Was Previously Placed In The Genus Chen, But Is Now Typically Included In The "Gray Goose" Genus Anser.

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Bike Desk 5 Years

"Bike Parade" Is The Tenth And Final Episode Of The Twenty-Second Season Of The American Animated Television Series South Park. The 297th Overall Episode Of The Series, It Premiered On Comedy Central In The United States On December 12, 2018. It Is The Second Part Of A Two-Episode Story Arc That Serves As The Season Finale. The Episode Centers Upon The New Amazon Fulfillment Center That Has Opened In Town, Where Workers Have Gone On Strike, Putting Delivery Of The Citizens' Christmas Packages In Jeopardy. This Includes Stan, Kyle And Cartman, Whose Dreams Of Winning First Prize In The Town's Bike Parade Are Threatened When Their Friend, Kenny, Eschews Commercialism In A Sign Of Solidarity With The Striking Workers. The Episode Makes References To Events In Various Episodes Of The Season.

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Outsite 5 Years


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Foldable Helmet 5 Years

The Brodie Helmet Is A Steel Combat Helmet Designed And Patented In London In 1915 By John Leopold Brodie. A Modified Form Of It Became The Helmet, Steel, Mark I In Britain And The M1917 Helmet In The U.S. Colloquially, It Was Called The Shrapnel Helmet, Battle Bowler, Tommy Helmet, Tin Hat, And In The United States The Doughboy Helmet. It Was Also Known As The Dishpan Hat, Tin Pan Hat, Washbasin, Battle Bowler (When Worn By Officers), And Kelly Helmet. The German Army Called It The Salatschüssel (Salad Bowl). The Term Brodie Is Often Misused. It Is Correctly Applied Only To The Original 1915 Brodie's Steel Helmet, War Office Pattern.

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Foundersclub 5 Years


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Blue Jordan 1 5 Years

Air Jordan (Sometimes Abbreviated Aj) Is An American Brand Of Basketball Shoes, Athletic, Casual, And Style Clothing Produced By Nike. Founded In Chicago, Air Jordan Was Created For Hall Of Fame Basketball Player And Six-Time Nba Finals Mvp Michael Jordan During His Time With The Chicago Bulls.The Original Air Jordan Sneakers Were Produced Exclusively For Michael Jordan In Late 1984, And Released To The Public On April 1, 1985. The Shoes Were Designed For Nike By Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, And Bruce Kilgore.

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Remote Fitness 5 Years

A Personal Trainer Is An Individual Who Has Earned A Certification That Demonstrates They Have Achieved A Level Of Competency For Creating And Delivering Safe And Effective Exercise Programs For Apparently Healthy Individuals And Groups Or Those With Medical Clearance To Exercise. They Motivate Clients By Collaborating To Set Goals, Providing Meaningful Feedback, And By Being A Reliable Source For Accountability. Trainers Also Conduct A Variety Of Assessments Beginning With A Preparticipation Health-Screening And May Also Include Assessments Of Posture And Movement, Flexibility, Balance, Core Function, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Body Composition, And Skill-Related Parameters (E.G., Power, Agility, Coordination, Speed, And Reactivity) To Observe And Gather Relevant Information Needed To Develop An Effective Exercise Program And Support Client Goal Attainment. These Assessments May Be Performed At The Beginning Of And After An Exercise Program To Measure Client Progress Toward Improved Physical Fitness. They Also Provide Education On Many Other Aspects Of Wellness, Including General Health And Nutrition Guidelines. Helping Clients To Reach Their Full Potential In V

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Black Clover 5 Years

Black Clover Is A Japanese Manga Series Written And Illustrated By Yūki Tabata. The Story Centers Around Asta, A Young Boy Seemingly Born Without Any Magic Power, Something That Is Unknown In The World He Lives In. With His Fellow Mages From The Black Bulls, Asta Plans To Become The Next Wizard King.

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