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Wellness Tonic 5 Years

Tonic Is An American Rock Band, Formed In 1993 By Emerson Hart And Jeff Russo. Later Members Have Included Dan Lavery, Kevin Shepard, And Dan Rothchild. Signed To A Recording Contract In 1995, The Band Released Its Debut Album Lemon Parade In 1996. The Single "If You Could Only See" Reached No. 11 On The Billboard Airplay Hot 100 In 1997, And Lemon Parade Itself Reached Platinum Status. Tonic Spent Much Of The Next Two Years Touring, Adding To Its Reputation As A Relentlessly Gigging Band. In Addition To Extensive Touring Tonic Produced Other Work, Including Songs For Feature Film Soundtracks. After Self-Producing Its 1999 Album Sugar, Tonic Released Its Third Album Head On Straight In 2002. Tonic Received Two Grammy Nominations From Head On Straight, Including One For Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal For "Take Me As I Am", And One For Best Rock Album. The Band Then Went On Hiatus Beginning In 2004 While Its Members Pursued Other Musical Endeavors. It Wasn't Until Late 2008 Tonic Became Active Again, Embarking On A Tour And Releasing A Greatest-Hits Compilation, All Of Which Served As A Prelude To Their Fourth Studio Album, 2010'S Tonic. After The Release Of That

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Bee Pollen 5 Years

Bee Pollen Is A Ball Or Pellet Of Field-Gathered Flower Pollen Packed By Worker Honeybees, And Used As The Primary Food Source For The Hive. It Consists Of Simple Sugars, Protein, Minerals And Vitamins, Fatty Acids, And A Small Percentage Of Other Components. Also Called Bee Bread, Or Ambrosia, It Is Stored In Brood Cells, Mixed With Saliva, And Sealed With A Drop Of Honey. Bee Pollen Is Harvested As Food For Humans And Marketed As Having Various, But Yet Unproven, Health Benefits.

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Seamless Clothes 5 Years

Clothing In Ancient Greece Primarily Consisted Of The Chiton, Peplos, Himation, And Chlamys. Ancient Greek Civilians Typically Wore Two Pieces Of Clothing Draped About The Body: An Undergarment (Χιτών : Chitōn Or Πέπλος : Péplos) And A Cloak (Ἱμάτιον : Himátion Or Χλαμύς : Chlamýs).Ancient Greek Clothing Was Mainly Based On Necessity, Function, Materials, And Protection Rather Than Identity. Thus, Clothes Were Quite Simple, Draped, Loose-Fitting And Free Flowing. Customarily, Clothing Was Homemade And Cut To Various Lengths Of Rectangular Linen Or Wool Fabric With Minimal Cutting Or Sewing, And Secured With Ornamental Clasps Or Pins, And A Belt, Or Girdle (Ζώνη : Zōnē). Pieces Were Generally Interchangeable Between Men And Women. However, Women Usually Wore Their Robes To Their Ankles While Men Generally Wore Theirs To Their Knees Depending On The Occasion And Circumstance. While No Clothes Have Survived From This Period, Descriptions Exist In Contemporary Accounts And Artistic Depictions. Clothes Were Mainly Homemade Or Locally Made. Additionally, Clothing Often Served Many Purposes (Such As Bedding). All Ancient Greek Clothing Was Made Out Of Natural Fibers. Linen Was The Most C

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The Points Guy 5 Years

The Points Guy Is An American Travel Website And Blog That Produces News And Stories On Travel; On Means Of Accumulating And Using Airline Points And Miles; On Politics And Credit Cards; And In Particular Credit Card Reviews. The Site Was Founded In 2010.

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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 5 Years

An Infrared Thermometer Is A Thermometer Which Infers Temperature From A Portion Of The Thermal Radiation Sometimes Called Black-Body Radiation Emitted By The Object Being Measured. They Are Sometimes Called Laser Thermometers As A Laser Is Used To Help Aim The Thermometer, Or Non-Contact Thermometers Or Temperature Guns, To Describe The Device's Ability To Measure Temperature From A Distance. By Knowing The Amount Of Infrared Energy Emitted By The Object And Its Emissivity, The Object's Temperature Can Often Be Determined Within A Certain Range Of Its Actual Temperature. Infrared Thermometers Are A Subset Of Devices Known As "Thermal Radiation Thermometers". Sometimes, Especially Near Ambient Temperatures, Readings May Be Subject To Error Due To The Reflection Of Radiation From A Hotter Body—Even The Person Holding The Instrument — Rather Than Radiated By The Object Being Measured, And To An Incorrectly Assumed Emissivity. The Design Essentially Consists Of A Lens To Focus The Infrared Thermal Radiation On To A Detector, Which Converts The Radiant Power To An Electrical Signal That Can Be Displayed In Units Of Temperature After Being Compensated For Ambient Temperature. This Perm

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Doctolib 5 Years


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Rebel Foods 5 Years

Faasos Is An Indian "Food On Demand" Service That Was Incorporated In 2004. It Is One Of The Brands Owned By The Online Restaurant Company, Rebel Foods. Faasos Operates In Dubai And 34 Of The Largest Cities In India And Takes Customer Orders Via Its Mobile App And Website.

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Capterra 5 Years

Capterra, Inc. Is A Free Online Marketplace Vendor Serving As An Intermediary Between Buyers And Technology Vendors Within The Software Industry. The Company Assists Consumers With Selecting Software For Their Needs With User Reviews And Research.

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Lovevery 5 Years

The Play Gym By Lovevery Is The First To Play Gym For All Your Baby’S Learning Stages, Providing What Your Baby Wants To See, Touch, And Do As Their Little Self Starts To Emerge. It Includes Everything You Need--From Batting To Teething To Learning To Focus--For Your Baby’S First Year Of Play. A Whole Year Of Play In One Box. Designed By Experts For A Baby's Developing Brain.… More

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Iot 5 Years

The Internet Of Things Describes The Network Of Physical Objects—“Things”—That Are Embedded With Sensors, Software, And Other Technologies For The Purpose Of Connecting And Exchanging Data With Other Devices And Systems Over The Internet.

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