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Conscious Consumerism 5 Years

Conscious Consumer Is The Second And Final Studio Album By English Punk Rock Band X-Ray Spex, The First New Material Recorded By The Band In Seventeen Years. It Was Recorded In 1995 And Released In September Of That Year By Record Label Receiver. The Album Saw The Return Of Saxophonist Lora Logic, Sacked From The Original Incarnation Of The Band But Reconciled With Singer Poly Styrene During The 80s, As Well As Original Bassist Paul Dean.

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High Alpha 5 Years

The High Alpha Research Vehicle Was An American Modified Mcdonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Used By Nasa In A Three-Phase Program Investigating Controlled Flight At High Alpha (Angle Of Attack) Using Thrust Vectoring, Modifications To The Flight Controls, And With Actuated Forebody Strakes. The Program Lasted From April 1987 To September 1996.Nasa Reported That In One Phase Of The Project, Armstrong Flight Research Center "Research Pilots William H. "Bill" Dana And Ed Schneider Completed The Envelope Expansion Flights In February 1992. Demonstrated Capabilities Included Stable Flight At Approximately 70 Degrees Angle Of Attack (Previous Maximum Was 55 Degrees) And Rolling At High Rates At 65 Degrees Angle Of Attack. Controlled Rolling Would Have Been Nearly Impossible Above 35 Degrees Without Vectoring." Performance Figures Were Not Listed For Other Phases. The Aircraft Is Now On Display At The Virginia Air And Space Center In Hampton, Virginia.

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Exchange Marketplace 5 Years

In The United States, Health Insurance Marketplaces, Also Called Health Exchanges, Are Organizations In Each State Through Which People Can Purchase Health Insurance. People Can Purchase Health Insurance That Complies With The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (Aca, Known Colloquially As "Obamacare") At Aca Health Exchanges, Where They Can Choose From A Range Of Government-Regulated And Standardized Health Care Plans Offered By The Insurers Participating In The Exchange. Aca Health Exchanges Were Fully Certified And Operational By January 1, 2014, Under Federal Law. Enrollment In The Marketplaces Started On October 1, 2013, And Continued For Six Months. As Of April 19, 2014, 8.02 Million People Had Signed Up Through The Health Insurance Marketplaces. An Additional 4.8 Million Joined Medicaid. Enrollment For 2015 Began On November 15, 2014 And Ended On December 15, 2014. As Of April 14, 2020, 11.41 Million People Had Signed Up Through The Health Insurance Marketplaces.Private Non-Aca Health Care Exchanges Also Exist In Many States, Responsible For Enrolling 3 Million People. These Exchanges Predate The Affordable Care Act And Facilitate Insurance Plans For Employees Of Sma

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Founders 5 Years


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White Dresser 5 Years

Cross-Dressing Is The Act Of Wearing Items Of Clothing Not Commonly Associated With One's Sex. Cross-Dressing Has Been Used For Purposes Of Disguise, Comfort, And Self-Expression In Modern Times And Throughout History. Almost Every Human Society Throughout History Has Had Expected Norms For Each Gender Relating To Style, Color, Or Type Of Clothing They Are Expected To Wear, And Likewise Most Societies Have Had A Set Of Guidelines, Views Or Even Laws Defining What Type Of Clothing Is Appropriate For Each Gender. The Term Cross-Dressing Refers To An Action Or A Behavior, Without Attributing Or Implying Any Specific Causes Or Motives For That Behavior. Cross-Dressing Is Not Synonymous With Being Transgender.

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Outsite 5 Years


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Pet Names 5 Years

A Hypocorism ( Hy-Pok-Ər-Iz-Əm Or Hy-Pə-Kor-Iz-Əm; From Ancient Greek: Ὑποκόρισμα (Hypokorisma), From Ὑποκορίζεσθαι (Hypokorizesthai), 'To Call By Pet Names') Or Pet Name Is A Name Used To Show Affection For A Person Or Object. It Can Be A Diminutive Form Of A Person's Name, Such As Izzy For Isobel Or Bob For Robert, Or It Can Be Unrelated.

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Homecourt 5 Years

Homécourt Is A Commune In The Meurthe-Et-Moselle Department In North-Eastern France.

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Opendoor 5 Years

Opendoor Technologies Inc Is An Online Real Estate Company Based In San Francisco. It Makes As-Is Cash Offers To Property Sellers Through An Online Process, Improves And Repairs The Properties It Purchases, And Relists Them For Sale.

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