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Wellness Tonic 5 Years

Tonic Is An American Rock Band, Formed In 1993 By Emerson Hart And Jeff Russo. Later Members Have Included Dan Lavery, Kevin Shepard, And Dan Rothchild. Signed To A Recording Contract In 1995, The Band Released Its Debut Album Lemon Parade In 1996. The Single "If You Could Only See" Reached No. 11 On The Billboard Airplay Hot 100 In 1997, And Lemon Parade Itself Reached Platinum Status. Tonic Spent Much Of The Next Two Years Touring, Adding To Its Reputation As A Relentlessly Gigging Band. In Addition To Extensive Touring Tonic Produced Other Work, Including Songs For Feature Film Soundtracks. After Self-Producing Its 1999 Album Sugar, Tonic Released Its Third Album Head On Straight In 2002. Tonic Received Two Grammy Nominations From Head On Straight, Including One For Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal For "Take Me As I Am", And One For Best Rock Album. The Band Then Went On Hiatus Beginning In 2004 While Its Members Pursued Other Musical Endeavors. It Wasn't Until Late 2008 Tonic Became Active Again, Embarking On A Tour And Releasing A Greatest-Hits Compilation, All Of Which Served As A Prelude To Their Fourth Studio Album, 2010'S Tonic. After The Release Of That

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Product 5 Years

Produce Is A Generalized Term For Many Farm-Produced Crops, Including Fruits And Vegetables (Grains, Oats, Etc. Are Also Sometimes Considered Produce). More Specifically, The Term Produce Often Implies That The Products Are Fresh And Generally In The Same State As Where And When They Were Harvested. In Supermarkets, The Term Is Also Used To Refer To The Section Of The Store Where Fruit And Vegetables Are Kept. Produce Is The Main Product Sold By Greengrocers (Uk, Australia) And Farmers' Markets. The Term Is Widely And Commonly Used In The U.S., But Is Not Typically Used Outside The Agricultural Sector In Other English-Speaking Countries. In Parts Of The World, Including The U.S., Produce Is Marked With Small Stickers Bearing Price Look-Up Codes. These Four- Or Five-Digit Codes Are A Standardized System Intended To Aid Checkout And Inventory Control At Places Where Produce Is Sold.

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Exercise Bike 5 Years

A Stationary Bicycle (Also Known As Exercise Bicycle, Exercise Bike, Spinning Bike, Or Exercycle) Is A Device Used As Exercise Equipment For Indoor Cycling. It Includes A Saddle, Pedals, And Some Form Of Handlebars Arranged As On A (Stationary) Bicycle. A Stationary Bicycle Is Usually A Special-Purpose Exercise Machine Resembling A Bicycle Without Wheels. It Is Also Possible To Adapt An Ordinary Bicycle For Stationary Exercise By Placing It On Bicycle Rollers Or A Trainer. Rollers And Trainers Are Often Used By Racing Cyclists To Warm Up Before Racing, Or To Train On Their Own Machines Indoors.

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Bike Desk 5 Years

"Bike Parade" Is The Tenth And Final Episode Of The Twenty-Second Season Of The American Animated Television Series South Park. The 297th Overall Episode Of The Series, It Premiered On Comedy Central In The United States On December 12, 2018. It Is The Second Part Of A Two-Episode Story Arc That Serves As The Season Finale. The Episode Centers Upon The New Amazon Fulfillment Center That Has Opened In Town, Where Workers Have Gone On Strike, Putting Delivery Of The Citizens' Christmas Packages In Jeopardy. This Includes Stan, Kyle And Cartman, Whose Dreams Of Winning First Prize In The Town's Bike Parade Are Threatened When Their Friend, Kenny, Eschews Commercialism In A Sign Of Solidarity With The Striking Workers. The Episode Makes References To Events In Various Episodes Of The Season.

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Remote Fitness 5 Years

A Personal Trainer Is An Individual Who Has Earned A Certification That Demonstrates They Have Achieved A Level Of Competency For Creating And Delivering Safe And Effective Exercise Programs For Apparently Healthy Individuals And Groups Or Those With Medical Clearance To Exercise. They Motivate Clients By Collaborating To Set Goals, Providing Meaningful Feedback, And By Being A Reliable Source For Accountability. Trainers Also Conduct A Variety Of Assessments Beginning With A Preparticipation Health-Screening And May Also Include Assessments Of Posture And Movement, Flexibility, Balance, Core Function, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Body Composition, And Skill-Related Parameters (E.G., Power, Agility, Coordination, Speed, And Reactivity) To Observe And Gather Relevant Information Needed To Develop An Effective Exercise Program And Support Client Goal Attainment. These Assessments May Be Performed At The Beginning Of And After An Exercise Program To Measure Client Progress Toward Improved Physical Fitness. They Also Provide Education On Many Other Aspects Of Wellness, Including General Health And Nutrition Guidelines. Helping Clients To Reach Their Full Potential In V

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Bath Bomb 5 Years

A Bath Bomb Is A Compacted Mixture Of Wet And Dry Ingredients Moulded Into Any Of Several Shapes And Then Dried. Bath Water Effervesces At The Surface Of A Bath Bomb Immersed Within It, With Attendant Dispersion Of Such Ingredients As Essential Oil, Moisturiser, Scent, Or Colorant.

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Pet Hair Remover 5 Years


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Box Braids Men 5 Years

Box Braids Are A Type Of Hair-Braiding Style That Is Predominantly Popular Amongst Black People (People Of African Descent). This Type Of Hairstyle Is Best Described As "Protective Style" (A Style Which Can Be Worn For A Long Period Of Time To Let The Hair Grow) And Is “Boxy”, Consisting Of Square-Shaped Hair Divisions. Box Braids Are Generally Installed By Using Synthetic Hair Which Helps To Add Thickness As Well As Helping The Natural Hair That Is In The Braid. Because They Are Not Attached To The Scalp Like Other Similar Styles Such As Cornrows, Box Braids Can Be Styled In A Number Of Different Ways. The Installation Process Of Box Braids Can Be Lengthy, But Once Installed They Can Last For 6–8 Weeks. They Are Known For Being Easy To Maintain.

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Orange Hair 5 Years

Red Hair (Or Ginger Hair) Occurs Naturally In One To Two Percent Of The Human Population, Appearing With Greater Frequency (Two To Six Percent) Among People Of Northern Or Northwestern European Ancestry And Lesser Frequency In Other Populations. It Is Most Common In Individuals Homozygous For A Recessive Allele On Chromosome 16 That Produces An Altered Version Of The Mc1r Protein.Red Hair Varies In Hue From A Deep Burgundy Or Bright Copper, Or Auburn, To Burnt Orange Or Red-Orange To Strawberry Blond. Characterized By High Levels Of The Reddish Pigment Pheomelanin And Relatively Low Levels Of The Dark Pigment Eumelanin, It Is Associated With Fair Skin Color, Lighter Eye Color, Freckles, And Sensitivity To Ultraviolet Light.Cultural Reactions To Red Hair Have Varied From Ridicule To Admiration With Many Common Stereotypes In Existence Regarding Redheads. The Term Redhead Has Been In Use Since At Least 1510.

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